Supporting Cast

– Ianson Rex –
Appearance: Dial 1
Ianson Rex is the long time manager of Yes, his current – and only – goal in life is to make them the worlds greatest rock n’ roll band. Meeting them in 68′, he immediately used his ties to Atlantic and many other industries, Yes became popular almost overnight. Though he says his relationships with bands have always been shaky, Ian has never disappointed the members of Yes. (It’s said I-anson, not E-inson. Kay?)

– Fiona Florence Vilina –
Appearance: Dial 2
Mother of Maria, Fiona has taken care of her wild daughter alone since the passing of her husband, Niji. Due to her marriage with Niji, her family disowned her leaving her to take care of Maria on her own even after his death. Though this has happened, she is a naturally kind woman and always wishes for the best for her daughter – she is particularly fond of Chris and Jon for being so understanding of Maria.

– Lewis Ryan Mayes –
Appearance: Dial 5
Lewis has been friends with Lawrence and Terrance for as long as he can remember. Growing up in relatively in the same area, they all went to Jameson Lee Academy – an all boys school specially founded for gifted young individuals. Despite this, Lewis takes pride in the fact that his dad is a long time music lover – mainly Jazz and rock n’ roll. He secretly dreams of one day becoming a Jazz musician.

– Chad Layton West –
Appearance: Dial 5
Chad is probably the most laid back kid you will ever meet. His cool disposition and manner often gets him in trouble – due to his constant falling asleep in class. Chad just sort of appeared – almost out of nowhere – and became a student of Jameson Lee Academy. He quickly became friends with Terrance and Lawrence since he didn’t really mind being around anyone. And the fact that due to being severely dyslexic made it near impossible for him to do his school work. Despite his scattered expressions and disability, Chad is a wizard of the keys – his uncle getting him into the field when he was around five.

– Edward Michael Rupert Venture –
Appearance: Dial 5
Edward is your average good matured school boy and despite being the wealthiest of all the school children, it’s never really had a positive or negative affect on his social status. The other boys took a liking to him since he was the newest addition to the schools small population of students. Edward is also the only one to have never come from a musical background – but he knows his way around numbers and isn’t afraid to admit that he knows how to balance his fathers check book.

– Jenna Rae Floyd  –
Appearance: Dial 7
Single mother to Terrance, Jenna spends much of her time keeping her sometimes delinquent son in check and dealing with vicious schoolmaster, Brandenson. Despite the trouble her son seems to love to get into, she still loves him dearly and knows that he is a good boy at heart. Jenna doesn’t have much of an ear for music but she does enjoy the fact that her son has picked up a notable hobby.

– Hammel Jacob Washington –
Appearance: Dial 11
Long time London officer, Washington has earned a name for himself for his clever and grade-a work as an officer. Gaining title as Inspector, he spends a lot of his time investigating into the investigation and prevention of crimes against children. His assistant often saying this is due to his soft spot for children and his wanting to be a father. Sadly, Washington is married to the badge and does his duties without fail.