– Stephen James Howe –
Appearance: Dial 1
Guitarist for Yes, Steve joined up after the release of Yes’s second studio album in 70′ – Replacing Peter Banks. Though loved by the band, Maria isn’t one for liking Steve – the real reasons to their love-hate relationship are never really given. But even though Maria says she hates him, she never really minds when he’s around – or even sticking close to him when Chris and Jon aren’t around.

– Alan White –
Appearance: Dial 1
Drummer for Yes, Alan joined up with the band right before the tour for their fifth studio album release in 72′ – replacing Bill Bruford. In 72′, he grew a mustache then shaved it off in 78′ for reasons unknown. Since Maria never quite got over the departure of Bill Bruford, her relationship with Alan became very shaky until his respectful demeanor and kindness won her over.

– Richard Christopher Wakeman –
Appearance: Dial 1
Keyboardist for Yes, Rick joined the band for their fourth studio album in 71′ – replacing Tony Kaye. Being the one member of Yes to never really stick around, the relationship Maria and Rick didn’t go anywhere. Though, she never really minded him when he was around.

– William Scott Bruford –
Appearance: Dial 3
First drummer for Yes, Bill joined shortly before the band took on the name “Yes”. His running years being between 68′ – 71′, his last album being Yes’s 5th studio album. After Close To The Edge, he left the band for progressive band, King Crimson. Despite the “friendly aggression” between Bill and Maria, Maria quickly grew fond of him and Bill the same – though he rarely showed it. Bill still loves Maria deeply and often tries to see her – despite Chris’s

– Niji Vilina –
Appearance: N/A
Not much is known about Niji’s initial past but from what his wife – Fiona – has said about him, his origin of birth is India, he later making his way to Britain. After marrying Fiona at a late age, he soon became the father of a young blue haired girl Maria. He then died of unknown causes when she was only two. The roots of his blue hair is still unknown, even to himself but like his daughter, his hair is natural.

– Milia Silvia Sander
Appearance: Dial 5
Young mother of Lawrence, Milia is your typical stay at home mother and wife. Often spending her time keeping her husband, Dostin, and son in line. Much like her husband, she too is an old rocker, her favourite band being the Kinks.

– Dostin Rupert Sander
Appearance: Dial 5
Young father of Lawrence, Dostin spends most of his time on business trips, supporting local media groups internationally. Due to his work, Dostin is a rare stay at home dad. He’s considered to be the nicest of all the fathers when it comes to Lawrence’s friends. Same as his wife, he spent much of his listening to his records, his favourite band being The Beatles.

– Alex Ryan Mayes
Appearance: Dial 6
Father of Lewis, Alex has spent the majority of his career keeping up to date on the latest bands released out of the 60s. His son idolises him greatly for his amazing collection of records and his know-how on all things when it comes to music. Alex spent a good deal of his youth siding as a jazz drummer – a hobby he’s hoping will pass onto his son.

– Mrs. Applegate –
Appearance: Dial 10
Mrs. Applegate teaches the younger grades at Jameson Lee Academy. She is known to be unconditionally nice and all of the students love her. She’s always been wary around Brandenson but believes deep down he has a good heart.

– Winters Bugsly –
Appearance: Dial 11
A youthful yet a bit of a dimwitted lad, Winters has wholeheartedly taken on the task of being the field assistant of Inspector Washington. His family having been a long line of constables, he thought it only right to do the same – despite how bad he is at investigating.