Main Cast

– The Blue Sky Reality –

– Maria Rain Vilina –
Born: December 12th 1960 Fulham, London
Appearance: Dial 1

Maria was born to Fiona and Niji Vilina, her father passing when she was small. Growing up with just her mother to raise her, Maria became somewhat of a wild child – but was very anti-social. Having a hard time being around other children, she often acted out and would even fight other kids, many of them picking on her due to her blue hair. After getting into The Beatles, she began to look for all kinds of London born rock bands – her search leading her to Yes in 69′, the year of Rock. Quickly becoming friends with Chris Squire and Jon Anderson, she made her decision to be a reporter for London’s top magazine and follow the world of rock n’ roll. After a tragic incident, Maria has fallen into an odd turn of events that not even she can seem to understand.

Relation: Fiona Vilina (Mother), Niji Vilina (Father)

– Christopher Russel Edward Squire –
Born: March 4th 1948 Kingsbury, London
Appearance: Dial 1

The illegitimate older brother of Maria, Chris is the bassist of Fulham born band Yes. Due to his large height, he took on bass and has been playing ever since. He sorta sees Maria as more of a “hazard” but her cute demeanor grew on him quick. Despite this, Chris has always been a very cheery and relaxed guy, everyone always finding it hard to get frustrated around him. But due to unfortunate events, the true nature of Chris is unknown and to everyone, it’s unknown what will really happen to him as the decade unfolds.

– Jon Roy Anderson – (Originally John)
Born: October 25th 1944 Accrington, Lancashire
Appearance: Dial 1

A friend of Chris’s, Jon is the lead vocalist for Fulham born band Yes. He immediately fell in love with Maria’s spirit and heart. He often treats her like one of his children – saying she’s practise for when his children are born. Taking on the leader-like role of the band, a lot drives Jon and the fact that many have taken a liking to Yes drives him even more, this strong will and determination is not easily broken. His relationship with Chris is that of the strongest anyone can see – despite Chris being really unaware of it. This is due to the bond Maria formed between the three of them.

~ * ~

– The Star Pendulum Reality –

– Lawrence Rupert Sander –
Born: March 15th 1960 Chelsea, London
Appearance: Dial 1

Growing up, Lawrence attended Jameson Lee Academy with his many friends. After the idea of being a rock band came up, Lawrence was thrown into the world rock n’ roll, his idols quickly become Chris Squire, Paul McCartney and Roger Waters. Saving up, he purchased a 4001 LH Rickenbacker, in which he named Nitari. He chose to play left-handed since McCartney did. Though he adores many players, Chris Squire is his one true idol and his dream is to one day gain approval from him. He currently is unaware of the unraveling torment that is about to befall him.

Relation: Milia Sander (Mother), Dostin Sander (Father)

– Terrance Law Floyd –
Born: January 5th 1960 Chelsea, London
Appearance: Dial 5

The best friend of Lawrence, Terrance is a gifted youth with much going for him – except his mind is in the clouds. He decided to play acoustic guitar – and only acoustic – when he and his friends formed a band at a small age. He says he has no inspiration from any actual musician but Lawrence hints to everyone that Syd Barret might be his inspiration.

Relation: Jenna Floyd (Mother)

– Herbert Marshal Brandenson –
Born: November 18th 1926 Devon, England
Appearance: Dial 5

Professor Brandenson is the schoolmaster of the school Lawrence went to as a child. He’s not a tolerant man and often finds himself over come with rage when students don’t do as he says. Ironically, the school he governs is a private school for gifted students so he is rarely seen angry – though his wraith is not unknown. He’s got a pretty thick past that he’d rather not bring up and can be quite two faced when it comes to situations.

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