– Naon –
Appearance: Dial 1
Who is this mysterious green skinned girl who appeared to Maria just before Chris’s death?

– The Devil –
Appearance: Dial 5
Who is this mysterious tall figure who has taken an interested in Lawrence?

– “Sunshine” –
Appearance: Dial 5
Sunshine is an oddly sarcastic looking child who appears as an angel, his connection with the Devil is unknown.

– Pinstriped Figure –
Appearance: Dial 12
A pinstriped dressed man who has revealed himself to be working with Brandenson, what is his reason?

Clock ID– The Clock –
Appearance: Dial 18
A man who appears to know of Lawrence and what is going on around him…

arby ID– The Arbiter –
Appearance: Dial 18
A large judging creature who seems to conduct the matters of his stranger order…

Face ID– The Faceless Robot –
Appearance: Dial 19
A face collecting robot who is oddly enough very cheerful and friendly. He prefers to be called Face despite having lost his.

Pers ID– The Persecutor –
Appearance: Dial 19
An odd gentleman that appears to be giving all of the orders. His Hammers are not to be taken lightly…