About Delirium

Born into this world, two children. Gifted with a Devil’s touch. One born into the world fueled by rock n’ roll, the other born into a world fueled by wraiths intent. Can these children understand the messages and mysteries that surround their past, present and futures or will they forever live in a loop of fragmented reality? …Tick…tock…tick…tock…

Things you should know about Delirium:

  • Jon Anderson and Chris Squire of 70s Progressive Rock band Yes are main characters in Delirium – Wiki them for more details or even check out their websites.
  •  The events of Delirium that involved said people are indeed taken from their accounts of the past but put into a fictional setting.
  • Some events in Delirium may cause some shock but remember, it is only fiction.

~ Konira

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