Take’n Another Break!


Hey guys! I know this seems super sudden and it sorta is but Delirium’s going to be taking another break! Not a massive one, the comic will be back at the beginning of December – December 4th, which is a Thursday.

The reason being is because a lot of recent things – financial, health, etc – have been popping up and its caused me to put a lot of desperately needed to be done behind the scenes work to pile up. A lot of this is to do with current projects, future projects as well as even stuff for Delirium itself.

During this break, I’ll be finish up my current one-shot Jarah over on Konira Comics as well as prepping the finale to my long running comic, Don Paolo: TSoV – lots to do!

Also, I’ve got a special announcement that I’ve been meaning to do, if you look to the right, you’ll notice a Delirium store page. I’ve opened an official Delirium store over on Konira Comics, it includes prints, bookmarks, charms, and best of all, a specially but together eBook over Delirium’s Volume One. This includes the first ten dials in an easy to read revised deluxe edition. Later on this year, I’ll be releasing the second deluxe volume so look forward to that!

And lastly, thank you so much for reading! I apologise for this small break but it’ll fly by quick, have a good holiday guys.

~ Konira



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