Delirium – Dial 10 – One Of My Turns… + Happy Birthday, Maria! :D

Monday Update!


And here we are, Dial 10! And you know what that means – coloured pages. It is time now again for the traditional coloured pages so the next five pages will be in colour. I shall post the majority of them on Thursday.

One Of My Turns is oddly enough the 10th Track off The Wall. This dial is one I’ve been looking forward to for a while now – it’s when the meat of the story really starts to show itself. And I hope you all like it as well. Well, as much as you can.

It is also my little blue Princess’s birthday. Oooh, my sweet Maria, happy birfday. ; 3 ;
I sadly don’t have a picture for her right this second but I shall use this one instead.


Happy birthday, sweetie. ~ ♥

See y’all Thursday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: N/A

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