Delirium – Dial 9 – Page 8

Thursday Update!

I honestly forgot this page had no text on it. LOL

But Maria sees someone who she knows shouldn’t be there – the mysterious figure that seems to have his eyes set on Lawrence. Creepy, I know.

I finally made it home, back in good ol’ Texas. I am going to really miss England – especially  London, beautiful city despite how crowded it is. I also got engaged so that was fun! I can now officially call my hubby, well, heh, my hubby. LOL

So since I am home, next Sunday, the two and three page updates will start once more and since it is December, it is Delirium month! Also, Maria’s birthday is coming up – I still need to draw something for Herbert. So expect a mass of updates! I’m REALLY hoping to get dial 10 done before the new year. Happy Delirium month! Expect a lot of Delirium related stuff – like an actual art page. Derp, I feel bad for neglecting it.

See y’all Sunday!

~ Konira

Current Groove:  The Spirit of Man ~ Jeff Wayne (War of the Worlds)

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4 Responses to Delirium – Dial 9 – Page 8

  1. Chris says:

    Once again, Congratulations!!! =D
    Glad you had a fun time in England.

    “Current Groove: The Spirit of Man ~ Jeff Wayne (War of the Worlds)”
    I love Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds!
    My fav tracks are: Horsell Common And The Heat Ray, Forever Autumn, Red Weed (Part 1)

    Listening to Live in Lyon at the moment. I can send you a copy if you wish


    • Konira says:

      Thank you, Chris. :)

      I don’t really want Lyon on CD, I want the DVD. Live shows are better when you can see them.

      • Chris says:

        Well it does come with a DVD but the only complete performances are Roundabout and Machine Messiah (which sounds amazing on the CD). The rest is excerpts mixed in with interviews

      • Konira says:

        Oh well. :)

        Benoit’s take on Machine Messiah is very good, though. Shame it’s not all live footage.

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