Delirium – Dial 9 – Page 4 – 5

Saturday Update!

And then they met.

Lawrence meets his hero for the first time.

Like I said, two pages for today! A bit late but I managed to get them done. And two for tomorrow as well. Really loving these pages, though. Having fun working on Delirium while in England, it feels a lot – well, sorta more real as apposed to working at my Texas home. But home is home and holiday is holiday.

See y’all Sunday!

~ Konira

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2 Responses to Delirium – Dial 9 – Page 4 – 5

  1. Chris says:

    Bill Bruford to the rescue!
    So what period of Yes is it currently? “Yes” or “A Time and a Word”? Will we see Peter Banks or Tony Kaye!

    “We got someone else with us tonight, a special guest brought to you at no extra cost. Great expense to ourselves, at least 4 pounds. He promises to play the drums in 14 different languages. Well known typing error. Mr. Bill Bruford!” – Phil Collins, 1976

    • Konira says:

      It’s 1970 if I remember correctly. Peter Banks made a small appearance in Dial 4, Tony shows up a bit later on in Maria’s section of the story. :)

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