Delirium – Dial 8 – Page 19 + Happy Birthday, Jon

Birthday Update!

OMG, Maria! It’s your derpy boyfriend in adorable form! And of course, she’s gonna harass him.

Fun fact, Dostin is based off the older form of Lawrence, not the other way around. LOL

Honestly, if you haven’t figured it out already. Yes, I will pretty much do anything to update this comic. I just have so much fun working on it. If you remember me saying to come back on Tuesday, you know that today is Jon’s birthday. Mr. Anderson turned 67 today – he’s an oooooooold man. But we still love ‘im.  I actually wanted to do Birthday pages much earlier but time got away from me so starting now until Delirium ends, each of the six main characters – Maria, Lawrence, Terrance, Brandenson, Jon and Chris – I will post a page on their birthday. Prudy neat, huh?!

Happy birthday, Koala man. ~ ♫ ♪

~ Konira

Current Groove:  Top Of The World (The Glass Bead Game) ~ Jon Anderson

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