Delirium – Dial 7 – Page 5

Sunday Update!

Yay! Jenna! I love Terrance’s mother. And again, that syndrome I’ve got. Except this time, Terrance looks a lot like his mother. Such a nice lady, Jenna. I’ll get her profile stuff up her soon – probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

I apologise for the single page, WordPress was acting up and I am insanely tired. I posted this at 3:30 AM so why I’m still up ganders a few questions. I’m going to be making some site changes and updates soon so I’ve put a lot of time into that. I’ll get around to doing that here shortly. The site is looking a bit too much like a blog for me so I want to tidy it up and make it look a little more original and I’ve been working on some graphics to do it with so y’all will get to see those here within the next week or two.

Se y’all Thursday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Pandemonium, The Castle Frozen in Time ~ Final Fantasy IX

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