Delirium – Dial 6 – Page 12

Sunday Update!

And this is Chad as an adult, LOL. He’s a bit of a smart-arse if you can’t tell. But you gotta love him. Haha. A bit of a scene change, to the pub!

Again, another single page. I apologise but my old computer has about had it so I scrounged together what cash I had and bought a laptop so I spent all day today setting it up. Luckily I actually had half of this page done and saved as a Photoshop file – that’s really the only reason I was able to get it done. But I’ll be back to two pages by Thursday and Monday, I will have a special announcement for all you good Delirium readers so look out for that! I’ll be posting it on here and on Delirium’s Facebook Page.

See y’all Monday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Pt III – Madman At The Screens ~ Yes

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