Delirium – Dial 6 – The Thin Ice…

Monday Update!

And here we are, Dial 6, The Thin Ice… And the beginning of volume two!  I shall have to go update the archives lickity-split. If you are a fan of the Floyd, The Thin Ice is the name of the second track off their 1979 Album, The Wall. As you remember me saying, the Lawrence side Dials will be named after Pink Floyd songs, I found this track to be a very good title for this dial due to it’s content. And I’m glad we’re on Lawrence’s side ’cause it gives me a good chance to draw Terrance. To me, Terrance is that one character you just want to draw all the time but you can’t because he’s so important to the story so you gotta keep him extra secret – Brandenson was one of those as well. But they’ve both appeared so now I can draw them more. Which makes me happy.

This Dial is a rather short one, I’m going to be backing away from the long ones for a bit, unless it’s necessary. This gives me more breathing room with the script, which is good. So I hope you all enjoy this one, it is a rather fun Dial.

See ya’ll Thursday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Videotheque ~ The Buggles

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