Delirium – Dial 5 – Page 15 – 16

Thursday Update!

Love page 15, it didn’t save right but I managed to work with that and it turned out pretty cool. And who didn’t see this coming? Of course ya’ll saw it coming but look, tiny Lawrence! So cute! I love the child versions of my protagonists, they’re so cute! If only I could venture back into Jon or Chris’s childhood. Haha. Not much to say about these as you can tell. You get the idea of what happened to him – since it’s already happened. So just sit back and read into Lawrence’s past. It’ll all make sense – eventually…

In other news, Delirium got a Facebook Page. I finally got around to making one – with the help of a friend. So now you can go there and any update I do on here, will go on there. Like if I change something on the site, it’ll be posted there. Not much else besides that.

See ya’ll Sunday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Necromancer ~ Van Der Graaf Generator

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