Delirium – Dial 5 – Page 6

Thursday Update!

First off, so redoing panel 4, blech. But it’s nice to see Alan again! Man, it’s so weird how freaking 77′ Alan doesn’t look like him. Seriously, you cannot picture a mustache on current Alan – he’d look so weird! But it looked so good on him in the 70s. Funny how that stuff works out. I dunno why, but both the main characters of this series, I overall enjoy drawing. Lawrence and Maria, I love drawing. I never hate the idea of their panels. I meant to do two pages tonight but I got caught up in other obligations so here’s one and probably – if lucky – Sunday will have three. If not, it’ll have two. I’m trying to get back onto the two page updates since it helps these longer dials move faster. I clocked this one at 35 pages so it shouldn’t take too terribly long – just as long as I don’t make the one pages a habit. BLARGH, rambling!

See ya’ll Sunday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Don’t Try Suicide ~ Queen

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