Delirium – Dial 5 – In The Flesh…?

Monday Update!

And here we are, Dial 5. I wanted to tell you guys this Sunday but I thought I’d wait until today – when I posted the cover. Dial 5 and onward to who knows what Dial, are now all focused on Lawrence. We won’t see Maria and the fellas for a while. This means, we’re now getting back the ORIGINAL opening plot of Delirium, when it was focused around Lawrence. I loved working on this cover, holds one of my favourite characters, heh-heh. And I hope you guys enjoy his side of Delirium because it was indeed amazing to write.

And, cool fact, all Lawrence Dials are named after Pink Floyd songs. Maria’s the carrier of Yes songs, Lawrence is the carrier of Pink Floyd songs. so if any of ya’ll listen to Pink Floyd, ya’ll know that In The Flesh? is the opening track for Pink Floyds’ 79′ album, the Wall. A prefect title for this Dial.

See ya’ll Thursday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: 21st Century Schizoid Man ~ King Crimson

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