Delirium – Dial 4 – Page 23 – 24 – End

Sunday Update!

Yeah, I buckled down and go the last two pages done. I didn’t want to have to wait until Friday to post the cover to Dial 5 – I REALLY like it. So ya’ll will see that Monday. The last page feels a bit rushed but I honestly ran out of stuff to write so I just decided to end the dial. So starting Thursday, a whole new dial! I always love it when I get to post the covers.

Oh, I also made some adjustments to the Dial to Dial navigation system. I basically added a back button. So when you go to, let say, Dial 2, you’ll see this at the bottom of the page:

It’s pretty self explanatory but I thought it would make things a wee bit easier ’cause I realised there was no back navigation and on comic sites, it’s all about navigation, if you can’t get to the pages or the next chapter, it makes it hard. Not much else besides that but I finally got around to it so yeah, I’m glad I got to it.

See ya’ll Thursday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: On The Silent Wings Of Freedom ~ Yes

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2 Responses to Delirium – Dial 4 – Page 23 – 24 – End

  1. Karrey says:

    Neat idea on the back and forth buttons of the Dials. :) Aw, nice ending of the evening and Dial. Can’t wait to see the cover!

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