Delirium – Dial 4 – Page 22

Thursday Update!

Maria: I told yeu he wos freak’n tall!

LOL. OMG, I love those last panels. Drawing Chris and Maria next to each other is just so much fun! The size difference is INSANE. But poor Fiona, she worries for her daughter so much – she’s a good mum. Two more pages and we’re done with Dial 4! Phew. Good thing I got the cover to Dial 5 done when I did or we woulda had some problems! So next Friday, that’ll be posted. I don’t think I’ll be able to get those last two done on Sunday, I’ve got a few art things I need to do and I’d really like to finish them. But there’s always hope – for you guys and me. . .

See ya’ll Sunday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Rain ~ Uriah Heep

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2 Responses to Delirium – Dial 4 – Page 22

  1. Karrey says:

    Poor Maria! Glas Chris took care of her~

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