Delirium – Dial 4 – Page 14

Thursday Update!

Ha, Beatles reference. So now Bill believes him. I love how Maria and  Jon just hit it off, but it’s Jon, he’s always friendly towards people. So cute, these scenes, I love them. Yes, the black panels will stay ’cause it’s currently raining outside – in the comic – and nightfall is coming. That and it matches the darker tones of the backgrounds more. Oh! That guy in the last panel with the shaggy hair next to Bill, that’s Peter Banks, First guitarist of Yes – left after Time And A Word, Yes’s second studio album. I will put him in the Notables section as soon as another character shows up.

Work is going good, if I work myself to a stopping point, I get to pencil Delirium, which is good for me but I almost did all of my drafts today – must carry more pages to work. Bad thing is, I haven’t had time to draft much of Dial 5 so I can’t catch up to myself – or it causes problems. But, I will figure this stuff out.

Oh, if inks go good in the next few days, there will be two pages on Sunday – I’m off on the weekends so I can stay up Friday night and do whatever I want on Saturday.

See ya’ll Sunday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Dragon Attack ~ Queen (Yes, again.)

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