Delirium – Dial 4 – Page 12 + Boumeries

Thursday Update!

And there’s that fatherly aspect of Jon I can’t seem to ignore. I don’t know why I see HIM as the fatherly figure of the group, I guess it’s ’cause he’s Jon. Yes, him being Jon Anderson is actually a reason and/or excuse, I kid you not. Also, yes, I wrote “John” that’s how his name is spelled, he just took the “h” out. I don’t feel like giving the reason but it’s a good enough reason to me. Also! I got a job so Delirium’s one update schedule will be around for a while unless I crack down on some pages – which I’d like to do but a few of these poses are kick’n me.

A good mate of mine, Boum, has started posting her tri-weekly diary-esque comic, Boumeries. It’s pretty damn funny and amazing if you ask me. You may think it’s another diary comic but she documents some pretty bizarre stuff. That and she’s a great gal, go check it out, you won’t regret it. It just started so you’ll be following it from it’s beginnings – always fun with a comic that delivers.

See ya’ll Sunday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Sole Survivor ~ Asia

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