Delirium – Dial 4 – Page 5

Sunday Update!

OMG, that last panel that is literally the greatest thing I have ever drawn that can be comically taken out of context. But you can understand why she did it. I sorta regret Maria’s polka dot socks but they’re so cute. But getting Doug in the little boy parts is what he gets for being so mean to her. Oh, and I know I said I’d shoot for two but things got outta hand so I’ll update page six with page seven on Thursday – I promise.

See ya’ll Thursday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Pilgrims ~ Van Der Graaf Generator

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2 Responses to Delirium – Dial 4 – Page 5

  1. Karrey says:

    Ouch!! But yes, he deserves it! xD

    You do the best “action/fight” scenes. :)

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