Delirium – Dial 4 – Survival…

Special Wednesday Update!

I present the cover of Dial 4. Yeah, I know, I said no real detailed covers but this was a spur of the moment and I want to try to at least get Bill down – I love Bill so much but I have such a hard time drawing him and I don’t know why. This is actually a replication of a “The Yes Album” line-up photo. I took out Steve Howe and Tony Kaye and left these three.

The name of this Dial is, Survival. It is the last track off of Yes’s debut album “Yes”, written by Jon Anderson. As the name of it states, it is indeed a song about survival. Though it has a sort of mellow uplifting tune, you soon understand the lyrics and it does become quite a somber depressing tune – many of Jon’s earlier works were like this in a way. But the song fits this Dial quite well. I hope you all can agree.

See ya’ll Thursday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Scorched Earth ~ Van Der Graaf Generator

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5 Responses to Delirium – Dial 4 – Survival…

  1. Karrey says:

    Awww, Jon! <3
    Gotta love Chris reaction/face there. "She's gotta be like eight." I can totally hear this conversation in my head!

  2. Karrey says:

    I love this cover! Even if it’s more detailed then the others it’s really effectful for this dial’s name. Looking forward to the coming pages~ (gotta listen to Survival now!)

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