Delirium – Dial 3 – Page 4 + From Reality To Comic

Thursday Update!

Phew, got this one done. I was a bit drained due to working too much Tuesday. So yep, a tall joke, I had to at least add one. I love how cute Maria is and how she isn’t scared of Chris.

Oh and I want to go on an art ramble here ’cause it’s been in the back of my mind for ages. I might do a few of these just because I like writing long winded things that might be helpful to people. I call this one:


From Reality To Comics

As ya’ll know, Jon Anderson and Chris Squire are in fact real live fleshy people. Now what do I mean by “From Reality To Comics” well, it’s just as it says. This is sort of me rambling my process of capturing these two and turning them into comic characters. Some of ya’ll might think it’s easy. Well for some it is but these two, it’s not as easy as you may think. Did you know, why I first wrote Delirium, I got Chris’s personality completely wrong. Yes, it’s true. I pictured him as a laid back guy who was a bit arrogant if not quietly aggressive. This is not true, Chris is actually a fun loving guy who’d at a moments notice do something amazing – that and he’s considered to be a bit on the spacey side.  And to this day, Chris has different personality traits in Delirium – this is due to my “judge a book by its  cover” personality writing.

This is all too true for Jon Anderson. When I see Jon, I see a happy ball of sunshine but I came to find out that he’s actually quite the prankster, he and Chris both are. Jon is still a wonderful person but due to my judging, I’ve made him a bit too girly – he’s in fact the oldest member of Yes if you can believe it! Jon’s personality, though, I caught better. Now why did I have such a tough time? I don’t know these people personally, I know them by image and what I’ve been able to come up with. Now what I’m saying is that if your story has real life people it in, try to catch them as best you can. Their personalities matter – especially if you know they might see it!

Now, art-wise. Catching the likeness of a person is VERY important. Especially if you have an already developed style – like I do.  Let’s use this for an example.

Jon & Chris

Looking at Jon, you can tell I captured him pretty well. Rounded face, large eyes, essentually childish features. Now for Jon, one thing I end up doing is making him look too cute. How is that wrong? Well, it sorta is. My mentality of him has caused this. I keep seeing him as sort of a girlish man so I sort of capture him as such.

For Chris, Chris is actually the one I’ve had the most trouble with. I’m not really sure why. I think it’s because before I even got to really know him, I drew him too much. But as you can tell, I’ve captured the angles and his hair pretty well.

Now the whole reason I wanted to post this was because of the eyes. Jon has wide rounded eyes where Chris has narrow almond shaped eyes. I realised because of Chris’s eye-shape, I kept drawing them too simple and I wondered if I should change that but I like those eyes and you can still tell it’s him. One good reason is that Chris has very dark brown eyes and Jon has cobalt eyes so I don’t have to worry about colouring them so I can make them as simple as I want – unlike with Maria.

I really have no closing statement on this, it’s just a rant. I don’t get to rant about art enough.

Thank you for reading this if you did and I hope in some way it was helpful!

~ Konira

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