Delirium – Dial 3 – Page 2

Thursday Update!

This page is beautiful foreshadowing at it’s finest. Eh? Of course it is.

I realised I had to update and mad dashed to work on this page only to realise I was able to tone it in about 3o so yeah, mad rush undeeded. But I have now calmed down from said mad rush so yeah, everything cool on my end.

Today is Turkey Day here in the States – Thanksgiving – so yeah, family, food and well, fun, I suppose? Happy Turkey Day to you State readers and happy Thursday to everyone else.

I will try to shoot for two Sunday but I need to hammer down on a few things so it’s a 50% chance .

~ Konira

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2 Responses to Delirium – Dial 3 – Page 2

  1. Karrey says:

    Aww, Maria! So adorable! I can’t wait for next update – see how she reacts to talking to Chris! Oh, and Chris reaction too of course! (I like Chris!)

    Happy Turkey day to you! :)

  2. Konira says:

    Yes she is, so cute.

    And thanks for the bump!

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