Delirium – Dial 2 – Page 18

Thursday Update

What’s the name of the band? I wonder. LOL.
Yeah, Mr. Shopkeep talks just like Maria, just do like I said with Maria, sound it out in your head and it should make sense.

I just cannot keep my word on two pages, can I? I was so ready to do two and then a friend of mine decided to do a LiveStream and I promised him I’d be there so yeah, that took three hours away from me. I also recorded me working on this page and after I got done, the video had a big ugly water mark so that was a damn bust. Sigh, I will try to be kinder to you guys.

November is going to be a busy month for me so just stay with me guys! I promise it won’t affect Delirium! Wait… I think I already said this, well I’m saying it again!

~ Konira

Current Groove: I Love You (Miss Robot) ~ The Buggles

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