Delirium Dial 2: Yesterday And Today…

Lil’ Monday Update

The title of this Dial is, Yesterday and Today, the third track off of Yes’s debut album the self titled album “Yes”. It’s a beautiful little piece by Jon Anderson and it’s sort of calm yet sad feel fits this dial perfectly.

Also, thought I’d go ahead and get the cover up and tweak the site to bring in Dial 2.
First off, new header, wanted to make a new one ’cause the old one was a temp in the first place.
Second, I added a “???” section to the cast so I have a place to put all of the unnamed characters – or mysterious characters. There are no spoilers in that section, sorry folks!
Third, the archive is of course updated.

The update schedule will go to a one or two from now on. I wanted to get Dial 1 done ’cause it was so long but Dial 2 is half it’s length so the updates will come a bit smoother – and it’s easier on me.

See ya’ll Thursday!

~ Konira

Current Groove: Technopop ~ Buggles

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