The future of Delirium

This feels like a strange or rather overdue post but I’ve finally worked up the time and courage to write what I’ve needed to write. It’s been May since the last post and if you followed my tumble or twitter, you realised a lot has happened in the near seventh month span. A lot of good but an equal amount of bad as well. I had to put a lot aside and I’m just now to the point where I can finally start to recover all of that lost time.

Now for the title of the post, I am not ending Delirium, it is unfortunately on hiatus again and I must sadly say this issue is due to a mixture of many things but mostly due to the passing of Chris. I didn’t want it to feel like I was using the event as an excuse, it was something that happened that many of us did not foresee. Chris and Yes as a whole are a big part of this comic and I do not feel comfortable returning to the comic until I feel enough time has passed to allow me.

I’m going to finish up a few other things and see what the new year brings. I cannot apologise enough for my tardiness, all I can really ask is for patients. I will finish Delirium. I will make it the best comic I can for what it is and I thank you for reading.

~ Konira

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